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Easy Claims Management!

Please consider the following while raising a claim.

In claims handling, we manage and asses each case independently in order to ensure our customers are satisfied with the outcome.

What is needed to submit a claim request?

Standard claim request procedure consists of submitting the following requirments:


Tracking Number

Mobile Number

Email Address


Claim Description

Upload Image

NOTE: To raise a claim request, consignee must raise the request with the same mobile number that was used at the time of booking the shipment!

Guidelines To File A Claim

It is our goal to handle your cargo in such a manner that a claim will never need to be filed. However, despite of our high standards and care handling of your cargo, a loss or damage occurs during transit which is highly unlikely.

Follow the guidelines below to ensure that the processing of your claim is swift and efficient.

A claim can be filed for lost or damaged shipments.

The claim can only be filled by the shipper.
  • Claim Procedure NAQEL Guidelines

  • Compensation Policy for Postal Services Beneficiaries